BBQ Recipes

Smoked Beef Nachos

Step 1: sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on a layer of tortilla chips

Step 2: put under the broiler to melt cheese

Step 3: repeat step 1 & 2 with another layer of chips & cheese on top of the 1st layer

Step 4: reheat TexaQ's smoked brisket or paleron & layer on chips

Step 4: layer lettuce, chopped tomatoes

Step 5: layer chili beans & sour cream last so chips don't get soggy

Scramble Pork Skillet

*For style, prepare and serve is a persona sized iron skillet

Step 1: offer various combinations of scrambled egg ingredients like - goat cheese & spinach - bell peppers & onions - mushrooms & onions

Step 2: Sautée ingredients in hot oiled skillet

Step 3: add TexaQ's smoked pork belly or smoked pulled pork shoulder

Step 4: add beaten eggs (& cheese optional).

Smoked Beef Burger

Step 1: mix ratio of 2/5 smoked brisket or paleron meat with 3/5 regular hamburger (with 80% fat/20% lean content.

Step 2: Gently mix in pepper & salt (smoked meat is salty)

Step 3: grill meat to preferred doneness & grill/ toast buns while burger is cooking

Step 4: ad mayonnaise or BBQ sauce to buns, add burger & add standard toppings like sliced cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions & tomatoes

Leftover BBQ Salad

Step 1: While toasting seeds in a skillet, wash & place your favorite lettuce in a large bowl

Step 2: Add dried cranberries, chunks of blue cheese & top with a vinaigrette

Step 3: Reheat your leftover TexaQ smoked BBQ & toasted seeds & toss 

BBQ Appetizer Platter

*For style, use a wooden cutting board or otherwise styled platter

Step 1: Wind 6 pulled pork belly strips into a bite-sized cones

Step 2: Slice smoked sausage and insert tooth picks

Step 3: Slice ribs between the bones for individual portions

Step 4: Add small cups of BBQ sauce

*Not recommended to serve brisket as it dries out if left out after slicing

Smoked Meat Veggies

Step 1: Reheat frozen vegetable medley in a skillet according to directions on package

Step 2: Add TexaQ's smoked sausage or pork belly to the skillet (add cheese optional)

Brisket Parmentier

Find any basic parmentier recipe but replace with TexaQ's smoked brisket chopped

BBQ tacos: beef/pork

*Great option for parties with mixed meat preferences. Serve buffet style so attendees make their own tacos. Fun for kids & less work for hosts!

*Ingredients: TexaQ's smoked brisket & pulled pork, soft tacos (wraps), coleslaw, sliced pickles, BBQ sauce.

Step 1: Slice or chop the brisket & slice the pickles if not already sliced

Step 2: Typical assembly from bottom to top:

*Taco shell, smoked BBQ of choice, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, sliced pickles

Pork belly paté

Find any porc paté recipe and replace with TexaQ's smoked pork belly... it's got the fat content and smokey flavor to change all your preconceived ideas French paté.

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