Texas Smoked Barbecue

Supply & Catering

Restaurants, Bars, Companies, Individuals


We provide the barbecue, you make it magic.

Great for parties whether you have a small kitchen, have no time to cook but want to host, or want to discover and taste something new with your friends.

Got leftovers? Try barbecue as an ingredient in tacos, salads, brunch, paté, tapas, apero platters, etc. (See our recipes section.)

Delivery via ChronoPost Food (ChronoFresh) or pick-up in Saint-en-Laye, Carrieres-sur-Seine or Neuilly-sur-Seine

Vacuum packed and frozen for long-term storage until you're ready for it.


For companies who want to shake it up.

Delivery of barbecue cold for reheating later or hot and ready to serve.

Delivered in tins or containers to serve from.

We can deliver or set-up the food or provide full on-site service with a little flair: Cowboy hats, a Texas flag button down shirt & an explanation of the food and how it's made.

Additional side option for catered events only: Macaroni & Cheese

We tailor our services to your needs... but, we ain't your average caterer.

Why our BBQ?

I am Jessie Chapman from Fort Worth, Texas and I grew up with the smells of smoking 'Q. Since moving to France, I am honored to spread this cultural taste & experience to everyone who doesn't have the time, equipment or know-how and to all those looking for a break from the same old stuff.

100% in the Texas tradition, with no short-cuts, we smoke imported American grain-fed beef for its fat content needed for quality low & slow smoking. We smoke French pork, label rouge when possible. Our ' Q is smoked for up to 20 hours using the world's finest Argentinian charcoal and classic barbecuing hickory, whiskey oak barrel & cherry wood for the authentic American 'Q flavor you won't find most places.

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